File Security

The primary objective of BucketLynx is to host your files and provide links for external access. Given the need for external sites, such as marketplace providers or photography work clients, to be able to remotely access your photos using these links, all of your photos can be accessed by the world just as they can be seen and accessed after being uploaded to a marketplace account. Photography Plan users have tighter access but files are still accessible through links that can be generated by your clients to access their work. The non-photo and raw camera files you upload are not shared with the world.

BucketLynx is not a file backup service. Therefore, you are encouraged to maintain backups of files uploaded to BucketLynx. BucketLynx is not responsible if any files that are deleted or corrupted, or if any modification, suspension or discontinuation of BucketLynx causes you to lose any files, even for paid account users.



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