Basic Plan

How The Plan Works

The Basic Plan helps you organize your photo files.

To use BucketLynx:

  • Create a bucket
  • Upload your photos by selecting or dragging your photo files into the bucket
  • Click on an photo to get a preview of your photo along with a link to the photo
  • Click on the "Create Photo Link File" button to download an Excel file containing the links for all photos in the bucket

Naming Photo Files

Valid characters that may be used in your file names include A-Z, a-z, 0-9, underlines, dashes, plus signs, open parenthesis, close parenthesis and periods.

Photo Size Requirements and Recommendations

The largest uploaded file size allowed by BucketLynx is 50mb.

Your file space usage includes the space required to store your original photo plus two smaller copies. One copy is a very small 30x30 pixel icon file that is used for the file list view option. The second copy is a 160 pixel high thumbnail preview file that is used for the file block view option.

Uploading Files

To upload your files:

  • Select the bucket where you want to upload your files
  • Drag your files into the Drag-and-Drop box and they will be uploaded to your bucket
  • You may also select files by name
  • The drag and drop box will show "Upload Completed" when done, and then will reset to the drag-and-drop box in three second
  • New files will be displayed once the upload is completed
  • Any errors in uploading the files will be displayed at the top of the page

The files that you've uploaded by either method will be displayed when you press the "OK" button on the upload completed message box.



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