Photographer Plan

How The Plan Works

BucketLynx helps you organize your photography assignment work files. Support is provided for uploading both JPG and RAW camera files in various formats.

To use BucketLynx to manage your photo work:

  • Log in to your personal portfolio website
  • Create a bucket
  • Upload your photo files by selecting or dragging your photos into the bucket
  • Click on a photo to get a preview image of your photo along with photo details and a link to the photo
  • Click on the "Create Photo Link File" button to download an Excel file containing the links for all of the photos in a bucket

Review Sample Portfolio Website

What are Buckets?

A bucket is the name you assign to a group of photos or a photo shooting event or session. For example, if you are shooting sporting events, you may want to organize your buckets using names like "2023 March Sportsball Shoot", "2023 Spring Charity Golf Tournament", or "2023 Indoor Lawndart Expo". Buckets can be created for each specific event, or you can name your buckets for each client you work for. Certain special characters are not allowed in bucket names and you will be warned if you enter an unsupported character.

Photo Size Requirements and Recommendations

The largest single uploaded file size allowed is 50mb.

Your file space usage includes the space required to store your original image files plus a 160 pixel high thumbnail preview copy of the original file that is used for the file view option.

Uploading Files

To upload your files:

  • Select the bucket where you want to upload your files
  • Drag your files into the Drag-and-Drop box and they will be uploaded to your bucket
  • You may also select files by name
  • The drag and drop box will show "Upload Completed" when done, and then will reset to the drag-and-drop box in three second
  • New files will be displayed once the upload is completed
  • Any errors in uploading the files will be displayed at the top of the page

The files that you've uploaded by either method will be displayed when you press the "OK" button on the upload completed message box.



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